Business Days

Oracle Business Days

Here, at Oracle Greece, we recently had the privilege of hosting a special event in our premises, where we had the honor to welcome the next generation of technology enthusiasts. As one of the speakers, I was more than pleased to engage with a talented group of IT and Business students, as well as fresh graduates, who…

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Business Day at Google

Yesterday I received from Dr. Iordanis Ladopoulos my certificate of attendance of Google’s Athens Business day which was held in 1st November 2019. This, reminded me, for one more time, of how a wonderful time I got there! First of all, I had the opportunity to learn a few more things, from the inside, about google’s culture which…

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Job Fair Athens: The end(?)

There is no bigger accomplishment for a leader than to manage a team in which he totally feels useless. Today, Job Fair Athens, a 6-month journey, just came to an end and I feel really full of experiences, creativity and self respect.I would like to thank my team for all those brilliant moments we lived together…

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