Sailing Certificate

Those who know me well, are fully aware that there is nothing I enjoy more than exploring marine life! This time, however, I decided to try something a little bit different. Instead of using flippers and diving goggles, I chose wind and sail! What an experience! After two months of intensive training with more than…

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Graduation Day

In this photo you can see me happy. Of course I am happy!! I officially hold my degree after a 4-year-journey full of experiences and new knowledge. That’s for sure. Almost all of us have been there, done that and know exactly the feeling. But can you see who else is happy? These are my…

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In the previous academic semester, in the context of the course Human – Computer Interaction given by Dr. Maria Roussou and Mrs Athanasia Kolovou, my partner Simon Iyamu Perisanidis and I, were firstly asked to make an extensive evaluation of the existing Athens Urban Transport Organization S.A. (OASA SA) website. Subsequently, we had to analyse the variant personas – possible users…

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