Oracle Business Days

Here, at Oracle Greece, we recently had the privilege of hosting a special event in our premises, where we had the honor to welcome the next generation of technology enthusiasts. As one of the speakers, I was more than pleased to engage with a talented group of IT and Business students, as well as fresh graduates, who…

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Oracle TechX Event – An unforgettable experience

Wow that was a totally unforgettable experience! 🤩 It goes without saying that events like this one highlight the innovative material from which Oracle is made. It becomes obvious that we are referring to a huge corporation which never hesitates to challenge the status quo and always tries what most of its competitors would dread. 🚀 Just…

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GenO Graduation

Today is a very unique day! After one year of hard work and plenty of different experiences, I am really excited to share with you that I have graduated from Generation Oracle (GenO) program!

Oracle Business Day

It is a huge pleasure to see that Panorama of Entrepreneurship & Career Development is still dynamically serving the cause of bridging the gap between Greek Universities and the job market. Some years ago, I had the chance to visit Oracle’s premises in Athens from students’ side. Today I have the great honor to be part of this…

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Today’s lesson

Lesson learned: Do not stop or give up before that last lap of your race is finished. 🏁🏁 Red Bull Honda’s racing team and Max Verstappen have plenty of reasons to celebrate this unforgettable win, but so do we at Oracle! We all feel part of this victory since Oracle is the company behind the process…

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