Graduation Day

In this photo you can see me happy. Of course I am happy!! I officially hold my degree after a 4-year-journey full of experiences and new knowledge. That’s for sure. Almost all of us have been there, done that and know exactly the feeling. But can you see who else is happy? These are my friends and if I can feel blessed and grateful for one particular reason, then it is that I have people in my life who can be happy with my happiness.

You see, though, there is also somebody else. Behind of this photo. Some people who are probably happier than my friends and me cumulatively. These are my parents and my grandparents and they 100% deserve it. It is their success! They were the people who were always standing by my side, offering their selfless love and sacrificing their time, responsibilities and even their money in order to make sure that their son, their grandson had everything he truly needed in order to make his dreams come true. And if there was a reason why I could not hold my tears yesterday, it was not about my accomplishment. I am sure that more is yet to come. It was that feeling that I was finally able to somehow reciprocate my family’s unflagging efforts.

So, huge thanks to my grandfather who has filled the walls of his bedroom with all my degrees and certificates throughout all these years. Huge thanks to my mother who never stopped encouraging me each time I was feeling weak and unable to continue. Huge thanks to my father who no matter how tired he was after returning from his work, was always there to teach me and explain everything I needed as a kid in order to lay a strong foundation of knowledge. And most of all, a huge thanks to my grandmother who is not here with us anymore but I know how much she wanted to see her grandson holding that degree!

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