Job Fair Athens: The end(?)

There is no bigger accomplishment for a leader than to manage a team in which he totally feels useless.

Today, Job Fair Athens, a 6-month journey, just came to an end and I feel really full of experiences, creativity and self respect.
I would like to thank my team for all those brilliant moments we lived together and the way they connected their passion with mine!

Job Fair Athens, is organized from students for students and our vision is to bridge the gap between Greek Universities and the Job Market.

This year I had the pleasure to participate in this project as the Team Leader of Main Event Projects Team.
Our team organized with a huge success Panels, Talks, Workshops, CV Corner, LinkedIn Corner, Mock Interviews, Real Interviews and Company Visits in a two-day-conference which took place at Zappion Hall on 11 & 12 April 2019.

I was very happy and at the same time so proud of hearing from visitors of my age, how useful they found our services for their careers which are now starting.

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