Oracle Business Day

It is a huge pleasure to see that Panorama of Entrepreneurship & Career Development is still dynamically serving the cause of bridging the gap between Greek Universities and the job market. Some years ago, I had the chance to visit Oracle’s premises in Athens from students’ side. Today I have the great honor to be part of this family and it is thanks to Panorama and its people that I was able to realise before even taking my bachelors’ degree, what my next career step was…

Additionally, I would strongly encourage all students, especially IT ones, to attend at least one such event. Panorama of Entrepreneurship & Career Development is a real eye opener and a compass that every young person needs to have in their pocket before embarking on the ship of business life.

Special thanks to Prof. Iordanis Ladopoulos, Mr. Dimitris Skourtas and all the volunteers. But for their unflagging efforts nothing would be the same.

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