Oracle Business Days

Here, at Oracle Greece, we recently had the privilege of hosting a special event in our premises, where we had the honor to welcome the next generation of technology enthusiasts.

As one of the speakers, I was more than pleased to engage with a talented group of IT and Business students, as well as fresh graduates, who are eager to embark on their professional journey. Their active participation exceeded our expectations and the energy in the room was truly remarkable. During the event, I had the chance to speak about my career journey, the challenges I have faced along the way and the lessons I have learned so far.

Apart from informing our visitors about the casual staff that every major corporation does during such events (vision&mission, success stories, etc.), we took the chance and went a step further by attempting to provide inspiration to our young attendees and empower them to achieve their goals. Based on their big smiles, I dare say that we made it!

As we continue to embrace the next generation of professionals, it is inspiring to see their passion and dedication to the field. Oracle is proud to play a role in their professional journey, and we look forward to witnessing their future successes or even being part of them.

Big round of applause to Panorama of Entrepreneurship & Career Development for organizing this event.

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