Communicating with Confidence

You may have heard the interesting fact that most people are more scared of public speaking than death itself! According to the National Institute of Mental Health 75% of the humans rank fear of public speaking as number one!

I can cast my mind back to countless nights of me watching inspiring talks on youtube from speakers such as Steve Jobs or Tony Robbins and thinking of what an incredible talent it is for a person to be so intuitive and engaging.

It turns out ,though, that the “talent” of expressing ourselves publicly is actually the product of a lot of practice, effort and application of different techniques rather than an innate charisma.

Although there is still a long way for me to go until I can consider myself a confident speaker, the course “Communicating with Confidence” gave me a big boost and a chance to realize that even my greatest fear, public speaking, is a skill which can be developed.

I strongly recommend this course to all of you with whom it happens to share this common fear since it is the most well-structured and complete one on public speaking I have attended.