Decision Making

Date: 07/10/2021

Decision making is a rather complicated task. There are a lot of factors that a leader should have in mind when trying to choose the best course of action for both themselves and their team.

This course helped me realise that there is no specific recipe which leads to successful decisions. Sometimes even intuition can yield greater profit than going by the book. There are techniques and methods, however, which can make us become more objective (as much as possible), detach from any emotional stimulus as well as bring out the best in our colleagues when it comes to sharing ideas and challenging the status quo and thus raise the possibility of taking a right decision.

If I were to somehow summarise the content of this course, then I would say that a good decision consists of two different parts. The first one is a meticulous pre-planning and the second one is the execution of this plan. Both of them are interrelated and just as significant. One should concentrate on both these two parts if they want to thrive.

Special thanks to Oracle and #GenO team in particular for recommending me this intuitive and well-structured course!